Hypophosphorous Acid Uses

Bleaching Agent

Hypophosphorous Acid is used as a bleaching or decolorizing agent for plastics, synthetic fibers, and chemicals

Color Stabilizer

HPA is used as a decolorizing agent and for color stabilization during the manufacture of chemicals and several plastics including: nylon fibers, polyamides, polyester fiber, polyacrilonitrile, alkyd rsins, epoxies, fatty acid esters, and glycerols.

Hypophosphite Salts

Hypophosphorous Acid is used in the production of Hypophosphite Salts (i.e., Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Iron, and Ammonium) which are in turn used in synthetic fibers as wetting dispersing, emulsifying, and anti-static agents

Chemical Intermediate

Used in organic synthesis and organo phosphinic acid production

Neturalizing Agent

Used as a moderately strong monobasic acid


Used as a polymerization and polycondensation catalyst

Wetting Agent

Used as a wetting, dispersing, or emulsifying agent in electroplating

Reducing Agent

May be used for its strong but slow reducing action


Hypophosphorous Acid may be used as an antioxidant


HPA may be used as a stimulant in pharmaceuticals

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